Home: Ramechhap, Ramechhap, Janakpur

Education: Bachelor's of Engineering, Western Regional Campus, Nepal

As the youngest child in my family, I was supported by my elder brothers for my education. Despite not coming from a very privileged family, I was able to complete Bachelor’s in Engineering from Western Regional Campus in 2070. During and after People’s War, I used to listen to political programs on the radio which made me think about the inequality, injustice, and problems that existed in the society. I also took part in Jana Andolan-2 in 2062. I engaged in different organizations and regularly read newspapers that got me thinking about the inequality in education and teaching methodology.

I first learned about Teach For Nepal through a newspaper ad that featured Mahabir Pun along with one Teach For Nepal Fellow. As I have become a part of it now, I am glad that Fellowship has turned out to be more than teaching and pedagogy, and lays emphasis on changing myself from inside and then the community.

Having come from a public school myself, I understand the challenges of public education system. But at the same time, a few teachers at the same school, through their commitment to their service, have also taught me the role teachers can play in shaping the minds and lives of their students. The lessons from my teachers and the standards set by the previous Teach For Nepal Fellows may be challenging to keep up with at the beginning, but as I gather my momentum, I want to work on overall development of my students by using diverse teaching techniques to improve students’ understanding by taking sports and other extra-curricular activities parallel to studies while encouraging collaboration amongst students across races, castes, and genders. I will work such that my classrooms become space of creativity and dignity rather than humiliation, and it will be a space where all students feel equal.

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