Home: Birgunj, Parsa, Narayani

Education: Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science), Kathmandu University Nepal

I was born in the town of Birgunj which is an important hub for the country’s economy. During the 90s, the internet hadn’t evolved and keypad mobile phones were rare. It was only when I was eight or nine years old that my father first bought a keypad mobile. I used to play a snake game on it which I used to enjoy a lot. My father never forced me into anything nor did he scold me or my brother for our failures. He has inspired me to always look for the brighter side of life. I was relying on my parents for living even when I was on the verge of finishing my school. That was why I enrolled in college far from my home so that I could learn to manage basic activities like doing the laundry, cooking, spending wisely, etc. My stay in a hostel enabled me to live life on my own and to become independent. We live in a very dynamic world and good education prepared me to keep up with the world and adapt to all the changes. I have become more wary of the latest technologies, thanks to good education. My first meeting with Teach For Nepal was in Janakpur during a community visit. I personally don’t talk much but I realized how friendly they were when I met them. Their mission really struck me and I thought I could finally utilize my education to serve my nation. I will be able to give back to my nation what I have earned from it. The support from my family to take up the challenge has also inspired me to apply for the Fellowship. I aim to contribute as much as I can to Teach For Nepal as a Fellow.

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