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Education: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Chandigarh University India

Born in Kalaiya, Bara, I lived in an extended family consisting of twenty-six members. I had a simple childhood but there was a time in the past when it became difficult to even feed all the family members. My father works as a mechanic and businessman. I used to work with him in his workshop when I was nine-years-old. I learned welding and repairing bikes, trolly, lathe machines at the workshop. This is one reason that got me interested in the engineering field. I enjoy reading e-books related to technology, skill building, HVAC, car engine maintenance, and bike assembling manuals in my free time. As I had a large family and our income status was bleak, I had to join a government school where I completed my basic education. There was a custom of tuition classes in my school. I didn’t have money to pay for tuition fees hence, I self-studied and never joined tuition during my entire school period. I was weak in Mathematics in ninth and tenth standard. Even then, I couldn’t afford the fees and the school teachers there lacked friendly nature. This eventually hampered my performance academically in ninth standard and SLC. Our education system is too complicated and absurd but I feel grateful for not giving up. Teach For Nepal is providing me a platform where I can articulate my feelings and share my journeys, experiences. There are too many students out there who cannot afford tuition fees but I wish to assure them that they can perform better without it by believing in themselves.

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