Home: Khokana, Lalipur, Bagmati

Education: Masters in Science (Biotechnology), South Asian University, New Delhi, India

My parents never had an opportunity to attend school. They have been following traditional farming methods till now. I am the first member from my family of six to complete post-graduation. Having spent most of my childhood in agricultural farmland to support my family, I had dreamt of becoming an agro-businessman when I was in eighth grade. Unsatisfied with the traditional farming method, I used to draw an imaginary sketch of years and the number of people who can benefit from modern farming. The community from where I attended secondary schooling was not forward in education. As the majority of the students belonged to the Newar community, they had difficulty in grasping subjects offered in the Nepali medium. Farming accounted for more than 50% of the communities income source and community schools catered to maximum girl students since the boys were sent to private schools. While pursuing my undergraduate in Biotechnology, I had struggled with financial instability. To topple it down, I worked in the farmland to earn money. I sold vegetables, rice straws, and grains. I have since then mustered the courage to handle any challenges with calmness, and gained communication skills. My aim is to interlink science with social issues that can aid in uplifting society by clamping down on poverty and discrimination. My academic background from a public school gives me enough experience to endure the difficulties of public schools in remote areas. From my small affordance, I am positive that I can contribute to Teach For Nepal’s aim.

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