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Education: Bachelor of Technology (Civil), University of Technology and Management India

I have always been curious about learning new things and loved exploring them, especially scientific concepts. As a child, I was fond of reading general knowledge books which I used to collect from the library. My school also cultivated a supportive environment for learners. Teachers were committed to students’ positive and progressive results. They set a fair number of assignments and project works to benefit the students from learning. When I was a child, I spent a lot of my time watching and playing cricket. I was addicted to it so much that I skipped many lunches and breakfasts. Sadly, in our society, we don't have a supportive environment for such extracurricular activities. Our society prioritizes bookish knowledge above practical and behavioral ones. I, therefore, had to quit playing cricket right before SLC and was bound to work hard for grades. I moved to India with my family and pursued Civil Engineering for my undergraduate program. The semester fees were quite high for any middle-class family and my father was the only breadwinner for our family of five. Realizing that my earnings can support household expenses, I started teaching eighth to tenth-grade CBSE board students in India to generate income. I wasn’t passionate about being a teacher in earlier days, but after all, I was proud to be a mentor for someone for around three years. I comprehend that it is a responsible and challenging task to be a teacher. I was thrilled to lay a good foundation for the students who were keen to learn something in life. One requires a full commitment to be a successful person irrespective of the career field. The belief in myself to change the numbers encouraged me to apply for Teach For Nepal Fellowship.

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