Home: Bhirkot, Dolakha, Bagmati

Education: Bachelor of Social Work, St. Xavier’s College, Kathmandu University

I was born in Lalitpur and my village is located in Dolakha. My parents moved to the capital in search of better opportunities. Even though visiting the hometown was a rare occasion, the ambience of the village area fascinated me more than that of the city. I was brilliant in sports, especially football. Chess and badminton were my favorites. Despite having a mischievous demeanor as a kid, I was never weak in studies; someone who was sharp in Mathematics and scored highest in the subject from his school during SLC. I never followed rote learning but built a proper understanding of anything I learned. Being informed about Nepal’s politics interests me and I am fond of learning about constellations and the universe. Several individuals and incidents have had a meaningful role to play in my personal development. Those individuals and incidents are fictitious quite so often. Luffy, a protagonist from One Piece (anime), abiding by the philosophy of living to the fullest so that we don’t regret it later, enthralls me the most. Thanks to good education, I became conscious of the importance of learning further. It made me understand that every problem can be resolved only through education. A country and its people can progress when led by someone who has a good education. Every person who has learned from society must instill a fair share of wisdom back to their society. I picture myself trying to bring a radical change in education in the course of the next 5-10 years.

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