Home: Lalitpur, Lalipur, Bagmati

Education: Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, Lord Buddha Education Foundation, Nepal

I’m not the person who settles in the place someone has built for me. I have always yearned for purpose. This pursuit took me to rural Nepal for volunteering but my search was not over. I felt that I found what I was looking for when I first came to Teach For Nepal’s office and attended its information session where we were challenged with the question, “What if your first job was to change the nation?” When I learned about the mission TFN is working towards, I learnt more about the vicious cycle of poverty tied to lack of quality education, I decided that I had a role to play in breaking the cycle. As a student, I was fortunate enough to be guided by very good teachers who were teachers and friends to me as well. Therefore I owe my two years for others as I know that not everyone is as fortunate as I had been. With an aspiration to be an inspiration to many I will be able to reach, and to actually do something for “change” rather than just complaining about it, I hope to be the best version of myself, learning and teaching throughout the Fellowship journey. I believe everyone has light within themselves and it’s very important to reflect the very light in those dark places in need. I am both intrigued and hopeful that in this journey of self-discovery, self-enlightenment, I will be able to polish myself, discover myself and make the most out of the energy I have towards making a difference

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