Home: Bharatpur, Chitwan, Narayani

Education: BSc. Physics, Golden Gate International College, Nepal

I was born in Baglung Districtin Dhaulagiri. I migrated to Chandigarh, India at the age of 4, lived there for 8 years, and then moved with my family to Kalayanpur, Chitwan. I was lucky enough to be educated in well facilitated schools and colleges. I was a consistent student throughout my education, but I realized I was a tactile learner, and that was not something my schooling catered to.

Up to this point of my life, I am proud of having completed my undergraduate in Physics inspite of having encountered a lot of challenges after moving to Kathmandu on my own. There were many tough days, which made me a better and confident person, indeed.

I came to know about Teach ForNepal about two years ago, from a restaurant in Durbar Marg. My eyes were attracted to this question: “What if your first job was changing the nation?” My first reaction was –Is this serious? And then– Will I get this chance? And finally – Who is making this crazy call?! I noted down the website of TFN. At that point I was in my second year and on that day, I resolved to apply for the Fellowship.

I first applied to be a Program Assistant at Teach For Nepal. During that period, I felt very satisfied, because the organization was professional, everyone was friendly and able to squeeze the best from us. My thoughts never changed on whether or not I should apply. If you read the website thoroughly, you’ll know every aspect of the Fellowship.

I knew it would be competitive and challenging, and this was reflected throughout the selection procedure. My Father wanted me to pursue my Master’s degree. But I joined TFN because it’s far better to get this challenging experience first, and then do my Master’s. The most important thing for my decision was that this is a learning opportunity, with a livable pay. What more could I want?

Eventually, I would like to be an entrepreneur, combining education and empowering youth. My journey of two years will not be easy – I know that! I am both excited and nervous because there were times when I gave the teacher a lot of trouble, as a student. And now, I am going to be one of the teachers. As I have never taught before, I often dream of that very first day of school with my own students.

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