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Education: BA Psychology (Hons.), Daulat Ram College, Delhi University

One of my favourite books says, “We can’t choose where we come from but we can choose where we go from there,” but I believe that one’s background both informs and moulds a person. Mine certainly did. I was born in a small town in Meghalaya, India but my parents’ decision to provide me with better education and exposure took me to a lot of places around India. My first stop was Rockvale Academy at Kalimpong. The hostel was initially a struggle, since I was so young, but my teachers, especially the late D.B.Chettri, provided me with care and support. School became my second home, and the hostel taught me to take care of myself and find a family wherever I went.

My learning continued beyond the walls of educational institutions. My experience while running a restaurant, and then venturing into a different field – professional karaoke jockey – provided some of the learning that I cherish the most.

I heard a lot about Teach For India during college and knew about the kind of dedication and prestige such work entailed. I got to know about Teach For Nepal through the newspaper. The TFN information session further strengthened my resolve to apply. The rigorous process of applying only made me value it more: I am glad to be a part of this.

My friends and family supported my decision to apply; in fact they were really happy that I wanted to work for bringing better change to my country. My dad and mom were really proud that their discipline, love and guidance finally resulted in such a strong decision on my part. I thank them for making me capable of landing such an opportunity. Being with Teach For Nepal already makes me feel more alive and positive. I am hopeful that this will continue.

The whole Teach For Nepal journey seems exciting. I look forward to overcoming the day to day challenges of rural life and being a teacher. Classroom teaching involves more than just the set curriculum, it teaches us about a way of life too. My teachers played a formative part in my development, and if I can achieve even a fraction of what they did for me, I will be proud.

I live life in the moment, but some years down the line, I hope to own a restaurant and a bakery of my own. I hope to remain connected with Teach for Nepal in some way, striving for the kind of change I believe in.

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