Home: Bansbari, Kathmandu, Bagmati

Education: MSC in Environmental Management, Christian Albrechts University Kiel, Germany

While I was finishing my Masters degree in Germany, I learned about Teach For Nepal and I started exploring the possibility of working as a Fellow after I completed Masters. Scrolling through the website, I learned many things about the education system of Nepal and I got inspired by the stories of senior fellows. It was challenging for me to decide to come back to Nepal to become a Fellow, but after talking to team members of the organization and knowing the multiple aspects of this fellowship, I realized that this was the right moment for me to come back to Nepal to work here.   With 57 of us going into the classrooms on the path already paved by senior Fellows, I believe we as a team that can help in building a better future for the children to shape Nepal’s future. The journey of ours will not end in these two years since it is just the beginning. As alumni we will still be part of this drive to end educational inequity in Nepal for the rest of our lives.  


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  • First Journey of their life

    Students in our school are familiar with life that involves their family, school and farm field. They haven't seen life beyond their village. Simply, their world seems to be limited within Baghchaura. We want them to learn and know about the world that is beyond Baghchaura. Their exposure in this educational trip will assist them to understand others’ lives, reflect about their present condition and to know what the future can hold for them. Furthermore, this trip can be a turning point in th...

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