Home: Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu, Bagmati

Education: BTech (Food Technology), Shooilini University, India

I spent most of my childhood in my hometown Bhairawa before joining school. As soon as the winter vacation would start in December, I used to visit my hometown and spend the entire period with my paternal grandparents. At school, I was a confident student and full of life. I always mention how we formed the first girl’s band during school days and made it historical. I also feel glad about encouraging girls into sports during my undergrad. Although not major triumphs, these involvements have made me an active person. My school had a comfortable classroom where the teachers created a beaming and positive learning environment. My teachers taught me more than just academics. They have helped me develop important life skills to tackle different situations. They were one of the reasons why I loved school. During my final semester at the university, my confidence and faith were withering away after appearing for two interviews. I had envisioned myself at the top but when the time arrived, my hands felt shorter. Once the pandemic hit, I started feeling more and more suffocated by a pitch-dark view of my future. But I started surrounding myself with positivity and convinced myself that I am capable. There is still a pinch of fear left but I am now prepared to face new challenges. I was always inclined towards the idea of teaching children and volunteering. The idea of change is what encouraged me to apply for Teach For Nepal. I want to work at Teach For Nepal to find a purpose in my life; a chance for me to derive my true strength, to overcome failure and challenges to be able to contribute in some way, and find my true self and beckon others to find theirs.

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