Home: Kyakmi, Syangja, Gandaki

Education: Bachelor of Commerce (Healthcare Administration), Shillong Commerce College, India, 2018

I was born in Kyakmi, Syangja. 15 days after my birth, our family shifted to a new house in Rampur, Palpa. Then, we moved to India when I was still very young. Interestingly, my childhood was never spent in one place which was also the reason I found it quite difficult to make new friends. My childhood demanded a lot of adjustments and travels which somehow developed a reserved personality in me. For a very long time, Nepal was a vacation destination for me. When I finally shifted to Rampur to proceed with my life journey, it had basic facilities essential to support living but my expectations were quite high then. Not being able to do what I wanted to do, not being able to have what I craved for and the unexpected weather left me low-spirited. There were no friends to interact with and no guidance from anyone. Because I consumed a lot of time in adjustment and acceptance, I started scanning the opportunities and possibilities around me which resulted in me joining computer classes. Those two years taught me how necessary it is to make decisions. Each of my experiences and mistakes gave me the opportunity to understand myself better; it gave me the light to follow a path that led towards contentment. While I was preparing for my study abroad, I stumbled upon Teach For Nepal in late 2019. I have always dreamt of involving myself in something that works for a strong cause. Corporate world has never enchanted me. That very day when I was introduced to Teach For Nepal, I realized that it was a call for me.

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