Home: Jaleshwar, Mahottari, Janakpur

Education: Bachelor of Science (Math and Physics), Rajshree Janak University, Nepal

My hometown is located in Janakpur of Dhanusha district. My father received his education till tenth standard whereas my mother has not received any formal education. They are now running their own business for a living. I completed my basic and secondary education from a private school. Although I was an average student at school, I was very fond of reading books which had now become a getaway for me for relaxation. I later pursued Science in my high school degree. I remember myself as a child with a shy nature. Now that I have turned away from my introverted nature, my approach of socializing and getting along easily with people has been misunderstood. This has led to ill-intended perceptions being built about me and that experience has afflicted my personality. Although I was sent to a private school, from the perspective of the community I belonged to, it wasn’t necessary for daughters to be sent to private schools. The discriminatory practices that I witnessed in my community triggered me to be where I am today, and the support from my family led me to be the person I have become today. Likewise, the guidance I received from my teachers towards my self-growth has been highly positive. I now aim to share the knowledge I acquired from my undergraduate study with others. The vision of Teach For Nepal inspired me towards Teach For Nepal and my hope is to end discrimination and inequity as a Fellow. Only 6% out of the total population of girls attend school in Madhesh; this became an encouraging factor for me to apply for the Fellowship. I would like to work and spend some more time with the Teach For Nepal family post-Fellowship. I have plans to join the public service commission in the long-term but also stay in touch with Teach For Nepal.

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