Home: Hansapur, Kathpulla, Dhanusha, Janakpur

Education: Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering), SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India

My father has graduated till high school and works as a mechanic in Bahrain. He had to work really hard to feed and educate us and meet other basic amenities. My mother could only complete secondary education but her perseverance in every struggle and her determination have made my family stronger. I had always wanted to build my career keeping Mathematics at the core of it. I was accepted to pursue B Tech with a scholarship offer from Indian Embassy. During the course of my major project in eighth semester, I along with two other students were assigned in a team to complete a simulation-based project. We had slowly begun working on it as we were unfamiliar with the tool used for the project and were discovering different parameters. 15 days prior to the deadline, we had completed only half of what we had promised to accomplish. To make matters worse, one of my project members was admitted to hospital for dengue. After I started handling simulations in two computers and on a system in the CFD lab, we were able to finish the project two days before the deadline. This incident taught us how necessary time management and proper planning is. Right when I was on the verge of completing this project, I first heard about the Fellowship program. As a Fellow, I would like to work towards eliminating the barriers that the female students face amid their process of attaining equitable education. Besides, I intend to collaborate with the community in eradicating different obstacles that are hindering students’ progress; school drop-out at an early age being one of them.

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