Home: Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu, Bagmati

Education: Bachelor of Business Studies (Finance), Shree Ganesh Multiple Campus Tribhuvan University

While most of my childhood friends attended private school, I went to a government school. It wasn’t equipped with a library, computer or science lab due to which I couldn’t gain practical knowledge. Nonetheless, my academic performance always stood out better than theirs. I invested more time in my studies than extracurricular activities. All this way, my sister has encouraged me to study hard, be independent and to face new experiences. After SLC, I decided to study nursing but our weak finances couldn’t afford the high fees. I then joined Commerce at Shree Ganesh Bahumukhi Campus. To support my study and family economically, I began teaching when I was a first-year undergrad. I had never thought of being a teacher nor was I interested in it. But I did my best to enrich my students’ knowledge and started enjoying this profession steadily. The Covid-19 lockdown made me worry about my students. I was terrified, wondering what if my students forget everything that I had taught them. Few days later, I started collecting their contact numbers but most of them had no cell phones. Remote learning was impossible as many students had no access to the internet and electronic devices. I used to call them thrice a week to know about their condition and assign them homework. Later, me and my colleagues prepared worksheets and distributed them to the students by calling them to school weekly, and it worked effectively. Being a government school student, I have experienced a massive difference between private and public schools. While my friends from private school were going for educational tours, I was only reading textbooks in my school. When I came across Teach For Nepal’s contribution towards underprivileged public schools, I was overjoyed. I want to be a Teach For Nepal Fellow as I aim to make small contributions to draw a meaningful impact in public education.

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