Home: Lamki, Kailali, Seti

Education: B.A. (Social Science and Mathematics), Khwopa College, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

I grew up in a peaceful village in Kalikot district of Karnali zone, enjoying the beautiful views of snowcapped mountains and enchanting sounds of flowing rivers. Even though I didn’t want to, my parents admitted me to a public school and it was an hour’s walking distance away from home. I considered myself lucky as I had some friends who had to walk up to 4 hours daily to attend the classes. Even though I performed well during my higher studies, I wasn’t a good student earlier. I preferred staying home to do the chores or taking our cattle for grazing instead of going to school. Reason: I didn’t like the teachers. They were very rude and thought that students can be taught only if they are threatened and scolded. I didn’t know how to write my own name in English properly even after being upgraded to Grade 5. The financial status of our family wasn’t good either. So I never owned books, pens or a schoolbag.

My father, like many other men in the village left for India to work as a laborer. We got to meet each other after long intervals only. Even I left school and went to India to work. Wworking as a laborer was tough. Upon realizing the importance of education, after a month, I returned to Nepal. Even though I did go to India a few times later to earn some money, my attitude towards education had changed; I knew I had to study hard in order to succeed. I had joined another school and only after coming to this school did I meet a teacher who actually made sure that students enjoyed learning and attended classes regularly. My interests in journalism led me to work in a radio station for two years. I even used to emcee for different programs. I also had interests in teaching so I taught Maths in a private school in Kathmandu for a year. But it wasn’t the private schools I wanted to work in. I wanted to help children, who, like me have to struggle to study because they don’t get proper mentorship.

Leaving all other career options, I’ve chosen TFN. Through the fellowship, I want to reach out to the children in rural areas and help them with their studies. Not only that, I want to encourage my students to explore their creativity; be it music, poetry or art. I intend to establish a library in the school that I’m placed at, so that students get a proper learning environment with ample resources.

After the fellowship, I aspire to work in the social sector. I have interests in music, journalism and literature and I feel that these contribute a lot in social development. I’ll make sure that I weave all of these in my career. I even plan to join politics some day.

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