Home: Chandragiri, Kathmandu, Bagmati

Education: Bachelor of Business Management, Nepal Commerce Campus, Tribhuvan University

I had a very blissful childhood. I used to indulge myself in reading children’ magazines like: Muna and Kopila. Growing up, I always dreamt of becoming a pilot as airplanes fascinated me a lot. Nothing excited me as much as the sound of airplanes flying above. I used to imagine travelling on an airplane anywhere at any time if I were a pilot. The obsession with it grew so much in me that I used to nag my mother to take me to the airport on Saturdays. The school that I attended had its hostel nearby. The school hostel had a dog and I was once attacked by it while having lunch. The bruises on my face were so deep that the scars are still visible. During the initial months of this incident, I used to despise myself looking at the mirror and even avoided attending school. It had profoundly affected my study and confidence but my teachers and parents advised me to disregard the scars and helped me to restore my confidence. My mother has always supported me in every step I take and never imposed boundaries on me for being a girl. She encouraged me to participate in different activities, competitions, training programs and I credit her for where I stand today. The thought of doing something for the society rather than whining about its present state, and to groom myself to be a humble and an adaptive leader motivated me to apply for the Fellowship. I look forward to working in a team and the community to educate my students and create a comfortable space inside the classroom.

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TFN House
144 Saraswati Mandir Marg, Chakupat, Lalitpur.

P.O. Box: 3739 Kathmandu, Nepal.
(+977) 01-5340105, (+977) 01-5340974

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