Home: Satdobato, Lalipur, Bagmati

Education: B.A.- Social Work, Reliance College, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

I was raised by a single mother. Despite our family being financially unstable, I worked hard and finished my schooling and Bachelor’s. Since I have always wanted to help others in need, I had chosen to pursue Social Work for my undergraduate studies. When I was doing my Bachelor’s, I got to work with different organizations working for the welfare of children and youth and this passion to work with such people led me to TFN.

One of the most fruitful experiences was working as a Trainee at Association for the Protection of Children (APC) Nepal. I got to work closely with street children. We had provided non-formal education to the children and engaged them in fun activities like art and indoor games. Each and every child I worked with was so special and I could see that they had so much potentials to excel in their lives if they got the platform. Again, working as a trainee at Children and Women in Social Service and Human Rights (CWISH), I had to prepare a media monitoring report on different issues like street harassment, domestic violence, child trafficking, child labor and corporal punishments in schools, among others. I was very touched by the stories I came across while working on that report. CWISH and Dynamic Youth Forum were jointly working on ‘Youth in Black Cap’ Movement, a movement to pressurize the inclusion of policies in the constitution to eradicate child sexual abuses. All these experiences made me more aware of the rights that many people are deprived of in Nepal’s context. As a TFN Fellow, I want to make people in my community aware about their rights and empower them.

Add to that, I had a great learning experience while I was volunteering for World Education at child-friendly spaces after the April 2015 Earthquake. We had helped the children to get out of trauma by spending time with them and engaging them in games and other academic activities. Our main aim was to make sure that the students got back the confidence to go to schools despite the loss of their beloveds and their homes due to the earthquake.

Another reason why I’m excited about TFN Fellowship is getting to work in the community. My post-fellowship plan is to study Conflict Management and resolve the conflicts arising in different sectors of rural communities in Nepal. So through the Fellowship, I will get an experience of rural lifestyle and the conflicts that arise in villages on a daily basis.

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