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Education: Bachelor of Social Work, Kanti and Kunja (K&K) International College, Tribhuvan University

When I was five years old, my mother passed away. My father works as a labourer in Malaysia and my stepmother works as a house help in Dubai. I spent my childhood living in a hostel. Reminiscing about my childhood days, I was labelled as a good student but was also full of mischief. One of my memorable experiences as a kid was waiting for the hostel father to return back with candies for us. As a sponsored child, I have always had a desire to help those in need. My sponsor has been the most crucial figure in my life and she has also helped me to realize the person I would love to become. She has been my role model ever since my childhood. The school from where I completed secondary education was callous, so much so that some of my friends suffered from depression and anxiety. My high school education, in particular, has helped me to understand the education system better. By this, I am not indicating that the education offered in +2 level was any different from my school but it definitely was more lenient. I could visit the college library anytime I wanted and my study pattern changed too. Therefore, a sound environment has propelled me to cultivate more interest in reading books. I became aware about education inequity and my privileges during the Fellowship selection process. I wanted to delve into the progression of learning and unlearning, and be an individual who wouldn’t regret looking back on these experiences. I look forward to meeting my students and sharing my life experiences with them.

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