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Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical, Secab Institute of Engineering and Technology, Bijapur, India

From a young age I had the dream of joining the army or the police force or becoming a doctor because I loved serving others. I believed that in any of these jobs I could serve others and my family as well by earning good money because it was hard for my father to support us all. My eldest brother dropped out of school in grade 9 to start earning and ease the burden. Unfortunately, I did not have the money to study medicine and I was too young for the army. But thanks to the sacrifices of my elders, I was able to study engineering. Although I found a good job afterwards, I was not getting satisfaction from the work. I felt that although I could earn much money for my family and myself, my desire to serve others was being limited in this corporate world. Therefore, I joined Teach for Nepal in order to cultivate all the necessary attributes which are required to bring drastic change. I want children not only to have access to quality education but also to cultivate ethical values in them. Education and ethics together can bring selflessness, equity, loyalty, prosperity, peace and harmony.

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