Home: Tikapur, Kailali, Seti

Education: Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology), Assam Downtown University, India

My parents were primarily involved in agriculture while I was young. They have worked tirelessly to ensure a better life and education for our family. After clearing his SLC, my father started a medical service at home. My mother made an effort to receive a society-based education and attended an institution for women education even after her marriage. She then began serving as a female healthcare volunteer at Tikapur Hospital. I had a hard time during my childhood but also, the best moments that couldn’t be cherished again. From household chores to agriculture, I used to help my mother and even go for Shramdaan. While in grade 7, I had to deliver milk twice every day and manage my class schedules accordingly. I helped my parents when anyone came to receive first-aid treatment at home. I therefore had chances to learn many things. The government school where I completed my SLC lacked physical infrastructure; there were no science or computer labs. Teachers enforced corporal punishments which cultivated a timid nature in many of us. Academically weak students or unconventional learners had no room for opportunities. As only first or second rank holders in academics were selected for quiz competitions, I never found a chance to participate in it. Despite being a quick-learner, I never recognized the skills I embraced, and didn’t learn how and when to apply my knowledge in the field. But for the first time, I was taught through first-hand experience by a science teacher in eighth grade and enjoyed the subject as an entertaining material rather than content-focused. I firmly believe in root-cause analysis i.e., to solve a problem, we must first locate the root of the problem and execute meaningful actions likewise. If anyone makes an effort to achieve their goal but the situations hold them back, those circumstances must be better understood to look for a solution. I reckon that the effort of every student and their wishes count, be it for anything. In the long-term, I see myself working and spending time with the children because it is possible to make an individual better if rightly done so from their early age.

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