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Education: B.Sc. (Accounting), Mountain State University, U.S.A.

The word ‘entrepreneurship’ always fascinated me when I was in college even though I never had a clear definition of what entrepreneurship was. Slowly, I started to realize that being an entrepreneur needs a lot of hard work, passion and knowledge.

In my intermediate level, I took commerce as my major course thinking it would help me achieve my career goals. Then I joined MSU (Mountain State University) in the US for bachelor’s. Even though I got admitted for fall semester, August of 2007- in a sunny day, I was freezing from inside. Since I came from a different culture and academic setting, I had very little knowledge about education system of the US. But it was my determination and dedication toward my studies that helped me overcome all the difficulties and barriers in between.

After graduating from MSU in 2013, I returned back to Nepal. I somewhere had good feelings that I now could live life that I dreamt of as I had an international degree. But things were different than I had thought.

Instead of people welcoming me they told me that I was foolish to have come back to Nepal. No one was happy with my decision. Even my relatives assumed that I couldn’t achieve anything in the US so I came back. Almost every day, I asked myself why I put up with it, why I didn't just pack my bags up and returned to the US, to a world where my decisions weren’t disapproved of. I wanted to give up many times, but I stayed on since I had always dreamt of doing something on my own, in my own country.

One day while surfing through internet, I learnt about TFN. I started to research on it and went through all the videos that were posted on Youtube. The more I learnt about TFN the more I was in love with it, and the best part was, it was giving us an opportunity to do something on our own for two years. For me it was not just about being a teacher, but opportunity to see the real Nepal. The Fellowship, for me, was a challenge - to know what else I can do for myself and for the nation. However, some of my relatives now say that I didn’t get any job so I am becoming a teacher. But I know that it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I firmly believe that TFN is the best place where I can grow as a person and acquire the necessary skills which will be helpful for me to become an entrepreneur in future.

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