Home: Birgunj, Parsa, Narayani

Education: B. Tech (Mechanical Engineering), Lovely Professional University, India

While doing my Bachelor’s in Engineering from India, I got to meet many budding entrepreneurs and participated in various seminars and workshops related with entrepreneurship. After getting my degree in Mechanical Engineering, I could’ve applied for any job in India that paid well, but that wasn’t my plan. I came back to Nepal as I wanted to do something significant in my own country. Even though I had been working full-time as the Assistant Service Manager in a big corporation house in Birgunj, my passion for entrepreneurship didn’t let me be satisfied with my job. I joined TFN because I felt that it will give me a platform to learn more about rural areas of Nepal and the local problems I might be able to solve as an entrepreneur in future.

Even after being selected, I was in dilemma whether to accept the offer or not as I had already started my own venture. But then I realized that if I’m to run a high value enterprise, I must first explore myself more and enhance myself. So I accepted the offer.

I consider myself to be fortunate enough to have received good education from English medium private schools. Although my school wasn’t so much equipped with high-end infrastructures, I was lucky to be a student of some of the best teachers in my town. They inspired us to study hard and loved all of us equally. Thus, I understood how important it is to have a good teacher in one’s life. I want to play that role in other children’s life, especially in the rural areas of my country.

I’ve been raised in a family that’s well-informed and aware of the country’s situation. My father and uncles have been involved in journalism. Even I used to write poems and articles for their papers. Thus, I have great respects for journalism and even though I will be teaching Science to my students, I’ll encourage them to explore their creativity in writing stories, articles and poems. I also want them to think critically about the national and international issues.

With the skills and knowledge of an engineer, I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to help the community in technology-related problems. Since agriculture is the major occupation for most of the people in villages, I want to help them in the same sector. I want people in my placement community to be able to make proper use of locally available resources for making their farm work easier.

After the fellowship, I want to incorporate all my learnings to start my own enterprise that will benefit especially the farmers and their agricultural industry.

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