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Education: Bachelor of Computer Application, Sambhram Institute, Bangalore University

Ever since my childhood, I was very straightforward about raising my voice towards injustice despite knowing that it will have little to no impact. However, I came to understand that serving humanity matters the most. I enjoy reading books related to absolute truth, watching spiritual documentaries, meditating, listening to spiritual talks and podcasts, etc. I truly believe that my spiritual master Shree Trikuta Nand ji has been the most important figure for my all-round development. Since the day I began trying to follow his teachings, I can feel my perception and sense of understanding have really broadened. The education that I have received has shaped my thoughts and perception of the present education system. I think it has made me observe things as they are without any judgments. Some of the teachers have also set pretty good humane examples not just by words, but by their actions too. Amala George from my college taught us Operating System, which was a theory subject but her dedication towards teaching was commendable. Her generosity and never losing her calm when repeatedly asked questions impressed me. When I was in an IT company working within closed walls with little to no communication with my colleagues, I thought my inactivity that could refrain from bringing anything good to the table didn’t reflect the real me. I later resigned and stepped into the teaching profession. I think that experience has changed me a lot.

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