Home: Lalitpur, Lalipur, Bagmati

Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication, Kantipur Engineering College

I was raised in a Newar family in a village called Chapagaun in Lalitpur. Coming from an economically weak background my father went to a public school. He struggled in his studies but that did not deter him from becoming a well-respected teacher of a reputed school. A teacher plays a vital role in the development of students life. A teacher’s job is not just to teach but connect emotionally with students so that they can motive and aspire them to become successful in their career and personal life. While pursuing my engineering degree, I found out it just wasn’t for me and decided to quit but found out that if I quit, the tuition fee that my parents paid by selling the land would not be refunded. So I decided to complete my education in engineering. As a Teach For Nepal Fellow, I want to promote the hidden talents of the children, I want to guide them and mentor them to follow their passion. I want to help them make the right decision when it comes to choosing their career path.

Fellow Stipend
USD $5,000.00NPR 500,000.00
0.0% Raised
USD $5,000.00NPR 500,000.00

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"TFN House"
PO BOX 3739
140 Chitra Marga, Kantipath
Jamal, Kathmandu, Nepal


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