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Education: B Tech (ECE), Aditya Engineering College, India

Being the youngest child in the family surrounded by three elder brothers, I was given absolute freedom to do anything. It is the freedom that enables me to explore so many things and that is how I build my experience which I believe helps in understanding one’s life. Although my freedom came with a price, it has made me stronger. Since the beginning of my school life, I was fortunate to have my teachers’ constant support with me. Their motivation made my interest in mathematics, music, singing and writing possible. They were also forgiving and encouraging. This is one of the reasons that I have faith in education. I always had planned to contribute to the field of education in Nepal. During my study and work in India, I understood the importance of ICT and the impact it can draw towards education. When I was looking for an organization in Nepal working in the field of education, I stumbled upon Teach for Nepal. My dream synchronizes with Teach For Nepal’s i.e., every child in our country receiving an excellent education. This is one of the primary reasons I want to work as a Teach For Nepal Fellow. I dream of seeing Nepal as a tech-giant in the world. After my Masters, I am planning to launch a computer literacy program for schools formally. The main purpose behind this program will be to acquaint the students and teachers with the use of computers in educational activities. In order to better structuralize this program, I am also planning to establish an organization. My idea will be to set the traditions of computer education in a practical way so that we can reach the target of every single school in Nepal.

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