Home: Bandera, Sunwal, Nawalparasi, Lumbini

Education: Bachelors in Business Administration, Finance, Atharva Business College, Pokhara University

The moment someone meets me, my passion for cricket is likely to become immediately apparent. The game has captivated me since childhood, and even now, I make time to play whenever possible. Growing up in the idyllic village of Nawalparasi, with its lush green surroundings and gentle climate, provided ample opportunities to indulge in this beloved pastime. However, I have always been much more than a mere sports enthusiast. Known to friends and family alike as a studious and diligent individual, I was awarded a scholarship that enabled me to complete my +2 and undergraduate-level studies.

My abiding belief in the value of quality education and its attendant benefits has only grown stronger with time. I am a staunch advocate of the view that true knowledge cannot be gleaned solely from textbooks, but rather from observing and learning from human behavior, reactions, and interactions in a wide range of contexts. A good education, I maintain, is critical in providing individuals with the ability to distinguish right from wrong.

It is precisely these deeply held convictions that have spurred me to pursue the Teach For Nepal Fellowship. When I first encountered the organization's bold slogan, "What if your first job was changing the nation?", I knew that I had found my calling. To pass up the opportunity to work towards such a noble and ambitious goal would have been nothing short of foolish. I am thrilled at the prospect of honing my skills and talents while making a tangible difference in the lives of countless Nepali children. The values espoused by Teach For Nepal are sure to transform me into a leader of great vision and impact, whether in the social sector or as I continue my ascent up the corporate ladder.

Fellow Stipend
USD $5,000.00NPR 500,000.00
0.00% Raised
USD $5,000.00NPR 500,000.00

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