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Education: Masters in Business Administration, Finance, School of Business, Pokhara University

Growing up in a family of four, I was the youngest and enjoyed a life of comfort and privilege. Despite my shyness, my curiosity knew no bounds and I always sought answers to the many questions I had. Hailing from Birtamode, Jhapa, I completed my schooling in a diverse environment, surrounded by different cultures and ethnicities. My teachers played a significant role in shaping me, teaching me the power of knowledge and rational thinking. They also instilled in me the confidence to speak up against injustice and inequality.

During my first interview with Teach For Nepal, I was struck by the passion and dedication of the organization in fighting education inequality. Although I don't have a clear five-year plan, I knew deep down that this was my calling and that I wanted to be part of a movement that would have a significant impact on the lives of many. I applied for the Fellowship with the desire to positively influence the lives of children deprived of quality education.

What fascinates me about Teach For Nepal Fellows is how they encourage students to think beyond the boundaries of the classroom and think creatively. I firmly believe that education is the key to shaping the future of each child and as a Fellow, I'm excited to develop my communication and leadership skills while helping others. This journey may be humbling, but it will also be incredibly rewarding.

Fellow Stipend
USD $5,000.00NPR 500,000.00
0.00% Raised
USD $5,000.00NPR 500,000.00

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