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Education: Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore University, India

I completed my basic and secondary education from Birgunj. When I was in fifth grade, I moved to another school as my parents were determined to provide us with better opportunities for schooling. I was a studious and disciplined student who feared her teachers. I always thought my grades were my highest accomplishments therefore grades were everything to me. I had decided that my report card should be shining with good grades since my future will be decided by it. While I was in school, I studied only for grades. I am not sure if I studied because I understood them all or I was trying my best to win the rat race. While pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in India, I flunked one of the subjects due to which I was asked to stay back during two months vacation for the re-exam. The stigma around failing the exams is very distressing. All the teachers hold negative opinions about students they see in the college at the time of the vacation. It gets very challenging to be focused and determined to pass when everyone around holds a pessimistic impression about you. I handled the situation in an atrocious way, but the end result was a victory. I perceive that education and good education still has a gap which is yet to be bridged and discovered by many. I am now acquainted with many things such as menstrual education, following one’s interest, equal treatments, personality development, laws in simple form. etc., which I think are very basic to be taught in school but I lacked that education. As a Fellow, I will try to give what I believe was missing during my school days but should be considered as basic education. I want to help students to look beyond their marks, teach them to dream big as a career coach.

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