Home: Kushma, Parbat, Dhawalagiri

Education: Bachelor of Science (Chemistry), Dhaulagiri Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University

Having a single parent and three younger sisters, I wasn’t like most of the children. I had to bear the responsibility of my sisters as my mother often used to go out for work. Her struggle and my sisters’ hopes aided in my self-development. I could also encourage my sisters to fight for their dreams and not to be confined within societal boundaries. When I was a student, teachers motivated me to dream big and supported me to achieve my goals. I regard my chemistry teacher from college as my inspiration. Although his teaching methods weren’t vastly different from others, he knew how to communicate with the students and impart his learning in an easy and understandable way. His style of approaching others and his career journey inspires me to be like him. To accomplish my goals, quality education made me capable to make the right decisions and choose the right path. Living with family around, I never experienced how it feels to be independent and a leader of my own decisions. I want to make my life meaningful like everyone else. Never in my life had I imagined that I would be a teacher. But now as I think of myself as a teacher, I feel honored and satisfied.

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