Home: Syamgha, Tanahu, Gandaki

Education: B.E. (Computer), Kathmandu University, Nepal

My friends and family thought it was crazy to give up a high paying job as an Associate Software Engineer at Cloudfactory for this Fellowship. My priorities have changed, and I want a life that is filled with happiness instead of just a career-oriented life. Even though I was getting paid well, I wasn’t doing anything that made me proud or gave me a sense of purpose, so I wanted to choose a different path.

I’m confident that I have found that path in the Teach For Nepal Fellowship.

This is where I will seek happiness, and find a sense of achievement as I dedicate two years to educating children in a community deprived of education.

I know that I can’t fix the whole nation on my own. However, I know that I can help fix small pieces of it, and joining Teach For Nepal is my first piece. I want to be the light of hope for the children in the community where I serve. For my students, I hope to be a source of love and inspiration. I want to create leaders who will go on to bring change in their community and to the nation.

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"TFN House"
140 Chitra Marga, Kantipath
Jamal, Kathmandu, Nepal


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