Home: Maharanijhod, Jhapa, Mechi

Education: Bachelors in Business Administration (Marketing), Patan Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University

Raised in a small village, I did not have ideas about different professions one can choose for their future. We had only heard of doctors and engineers. When asked about our ambitions, we would say either of these two. At one point in my life, I often used to get anxious about my future. I had wanted to pursue psychology, law, and many other career paths. I wanted to work in different companies and organizations. I wanted to travel the world. But the feeling of not getting to do all the things I wanted troubled me. I later realized that instead of worrying about my future, I should rather focus on my present. I began to think about taking one step at a time and started enjoying every step. This experience helped me in appreciating the present moment. Being an introvert, I loved to observe but always wanted to avoid trouble. One of my closest school friends was constantly bullied but never fought back. Once things got out of control, I stood up for him against the bullies and they backed away. That incident made me realize that my action can instigate some impact and I learned to take a stand against social injustice. I have always wanted to work for an organization that was always working closely with people. When I learned that Teach For Nepal is the movement of young and educated people to end education inequity, I was totally fascinated. The opportunity to potentially change someone’s life for better is pretty inspiring. I will be able to motivate others and hopefully make some difference in their lives. It will also push me out of my comfort zone and help in my growth.

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