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Education: Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology, Dr. M. V. Shetty Institute of Allied Health Sciences

I have constantly revolted all my life. A mathematics teacher declared in front of the whole class that I was good for nothing and I had no business coming to school. As a kid, I was traumatized by hearing these things yet, I was determined to prove that teacher wrong. Even the people from my society persistently questioned my parents’ decision to send their daughter to a private school. Sending me to a private school was equated to giving me wings. I started school at the age of seven. Due to the age gap with my classmates I couldn’t become friends with them, so I always felt like a black sheep in a herd of goats. When I first saw Teach For Nepal’s advertisement I resonated with it. There was an image of two girls walking to school and I saw myself in that picture. From my own lived experiences, I understand the issue of education inequity. Therefore, I look forward to sharing my knowledge to bring about positive change in my students and society.

Fellow Stipend
USD $5,000.00NPR 500,000.00
0.22% Raised
USD $4,989.00NPR 498,900.00

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