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Education: Bachelor’s (Hons.) in Business Administration, Green Peace Lincoln College, Lincoln University, Malaysia

I was born in Kathmandu after my parents moved here from Udaypur in search of a better life. I was a confident, friendly and outspoken person. But in the eighth grade, my personality shifted drastically. I started doubting my abilities, became more introverted and less expressive. This got worse after my parents decided to move the family to Haraicha, Morang. I was stressed and frustrated. I somehow managed to complete my +2 but did not pursue my dream of becoming a nurse.

I joined BBA instead. Things got a little better when I was selected for Ace Spectrum 2016. My teacher for entrepreneurship and my senior Ashrina supported me and despite wanting to quit many times, I stuck to it. Participating in that program gave me a much needed boost of confidence. Slowly, I started to once again come out of my shell.

I had heard of Teach For Nepal before and thought I should join. The idea was cemented when in 2017, Ashrina whom I look up to joined TFN. I knew then that this was a right platform for me as well. Growing up, I was inspired by Florence Nightingale who championed care for the poor. I believe that care, empathy and compassion can help people to feel better in themselves during their times of need. And these are the values I seek to being into my Fellowship.

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