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Education: Bachelor’s of Business Administration (Marketing), Boston International College, Pokhara University, Nepal

I was an outgoing kid I loved mimicking people. I was always fond of learning by doing and spent much of my time studying. My parents were really concerned about our education and did everything in their power to create favorable environment for us. Both my sisters were very good in academics and I was inspired by them not only to excel in studies but also to participate in quiz competitions, poetry, public speaking as well as drama.

I wasn’t always good at public speaking I still remember the first time I gave a presentation. I forgot my lines and I awkwardly stood in front of the class. Then my teacher Matrika sir, said to me, “You are good at connecting emotions. Why don’t you try doing the same with the presentation?” I thought about this for a long time and during the second presentation did just that. When my presentation ended, my teacher hugged me with tears.

I have a good life because of my teachers. They supported me and neve gave up on me. I know from firsthand experience how a teacher can transform the lives of students. That is why I joined TFN: to change someone’s life by spreading the light of education.

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