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Education: Master’s of Arts, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

I got my education from private schools of Kathmandu. I was an average student fascinated by sports. I have won in various sports competitions, but winning at sports always scared me as I had a dream to become a scholar one day. I was driven by the misconception that my studies would get ruined if I kept winning at sports.

Eventually, my fear turned into reality and it started showing in my results. I started getting negative results in studies. I was disappointed and distracted by this incident. One of my teachers then came to me and told me not to be worried. She gave me suggestions to improve which was based on practising and continuous learning. She motivated me to do good in my studies. I thought it was my luck that I had her as a teacher who kept motivating me to move forward. After that incident, I have always again aspired to be a scholar and to work with scholars around the world someday.

Receiving a scholarship at Sichuan University, China was the proudest moment for me, as it got me closer to my aspiration. After completing my undergraduate, the decision of joining TFN came to me instantaneously when I saw the application call on Facebook. As a Fellow, I want to be a motivator to those students who were deprived of proper education and a good mentor. TFN for me is like a wave of change within the traditional education system of our society. With it, I believe that one day every child gets equal access to education.

Fellow Stipend
USD $5,000.00NPR 500,000.00
2.0% Raised
USD $4,900.00NPR 490,000.00

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