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Education: Bachelor of Physical Therapy, Padmashree Institute of Physiotherapy, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science, India

I was among the most outgoing students in my school. I was good in studies and always passed my examinations with distinctions. I used to participate in all kinds of extracurricular activities and sports. I’d talk to all my teachers, friends, juniors and seniors of my school and crack jokes with them, laugh around and have fun.

I went to India to pursue my bachelors. The five years away from home, away from my Fellow countrymen, away from familiar language and food was a very different experience altogether. Personally, it felt a little difficult in the beginning but with time and patience I was able to spend those five years wonderfully. It took me very little time to socialize with friends, seniors and juniors and that helped me a lot to mingle with everyone. I always knew I wanted to return to Nepal and work here. So after finishing my studies I packed up my bag and came back.

I signed up for the Fellowship because of my drive to do something for my country. I came to realize the sense of urgency and the educational crisis my country has been facing and somehow it felt like the right thing to do. Also, the fact that I used to love teaching my friends back in school and college and all of those friends would always tell me that I could be a good teacher someday. I had never really thought about being a teacher my entire life, but I wanted to explore that part of me as well. I look forward to learning more on my Fellowship journey. I look forward to being a good teacher to my students and exploring my placement community better. I feel there’s much more to explore on this journey, so I’m looking forward to unfolding all the unknown chapters of my life yet.

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