Home: Pokali, Okhaldhunga, Sagarmatha

Education: Bachelors Science in Physics, Tri Chandra Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

I was a dreamer. When my classmates were busy learning about living and non-living things, I dreamed of launching spaceships, inventing potions to make me invisible or even building a self-driving car. My dreams knew no boundaries and I often took to learning things by myself rather than just relying on what was taught in class.

My fourth-grade class teacher Rasmi ma’am was my favorite teacher. She loved me like her own child and believed in me, sometimes even more than my own parents. When I got bad grades in class, she was the one who came to my home and convinced me to go back to school. Even to this day when I think of love and care I think of her and her belief in me. Not only me, she loved everyone in class equally. Even today when my classmates and I get together we remember her fondly and with respect.

The reason I joined Teach For Nepal is so that I can be a ‘Rasmi ma’am’ for someone else. I want to inspire my students to dream big and not let their aspirations and creativity be killed by academics. I’ve seen my mother, who herself never had an opportunity to go to school, fight for my rights to attend one. So, I know the value of education. Using my skill set I want to have extra sessions where we talk about science, earth, stars and galaxies. I want to show them a practical way of learning things. I want to be their guide, their big brother and their guardian. I want to teach the future of this country. I want to teach for Nepal.

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