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Education: Bachelor’s of Engineering, Tribhuvan University

I have always been curious about the functioning mechanisms behind the many objects we use in our daily lives. At school, Physics and Math have always been the subjects that I found the most intriguing and I excelled in them. This encouraged me to pursue a career in engineering. During my college, I met students who had studied in public schools and had burning desire to achieve success but faced di culty in using computers or English language. That didn’t stop them. Their curiosity and passion for learning made them better than most of the students in the class. This made me realize that everybody has the potential to learn as long as they are exposed to the right environment.

After being selected for the Fellowship, I also got to intern at Teach For Nepal. The internship made me realize that anyone can be a motivator or a teacher to another person. During my Fellowship, I want to work on integrating technology into the classroom to get students engaged and enthusiastic to learn about the world outside the classroom.A combination of an innovative teaching and technology usage like multimedia, vivid images, video, and instantaneous information can make extremely effective tools for learning. With my Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, I want to o er students a more engaging learning experience with the aid of technology, which on the side would also free some time for the other teachers to spend with their students.

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