Trekking through the trails of EBC to raise fund to eradicate the educational injustice in the rural villages of Nepal
~खुला आकश पर्खिदै छ उडान हाम्रो हेर्न~

My answer to the question "What do you want to be when you be when you grow up?" always differed. Sometimes, I wanted to be an Engineer and sometimes, I saw myself as a lawyer. One thing I knew was what I did not want to be and it was being a teacher.

Fortunately or unfortunately, my first job after graduation was as a teacher in a rural village of Sindhupalchok district. During two years of fellowship, I have realized that life has never been fair to the people living in the rural villages of Nepal. What hit me the most was realizing that the students walking hours to reach their school was not a myth that my parents used to tell me when I was a child. It was real.

It was there right in front of my eyes. It gets even worse when the kids do not get quality education when they reach school after hours of walk. This broke my heart and I was determined to provide them with the education they deserve. I, along with my co-fellows, did multiple things to give exposure to the students that we have been teaching.

My aim was never just to complete the coursebook but I aspired to give my students the confidence, the motivation and the opportunity that they never got. My fellowship days revolved around organizing educational fairs, building a community-school relationship, opening the door of the opportunity to the local teachers and raising awareness regarding social taboos.

My girls, who were limited within the four walls, won inter-school football competition. My boys started coming forward with proposals for participating in inter-school competitions. They started helping each other. Bullying the juniors was almost zero in the school. I was a proud teacher. I taught them love and compassion. I shared stories and gave them hope. I loved them like my own kids. I taught them. I walked for them.

Now, I am trekking for them. I am participating in the charity event "Trek For Kids" organized by Teach For Nepal this year. I will be walking the trails to Everest Base camp at the end of October 2019. For that, I will have to raise USD 3000. I would like to request you to contribute to my campaign to end the educational inequality in Nepal because every kid deserves a quality education.

Start Date: July 22, 2019
End Date: November 01, 2019
Funds Required
USD $3,000.00NPR 300,000.00
12.9% Raised
USD $2,612.90NPR 261,290.00

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