DOUBLE MY DAKSHINA: I am contributing my Dashain Dakshina (financial blessings) to Teach For Nepal's cause.
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I was able to get double masters from international school and have gained global exposure. This was possible only because I was able to get good education during my school days. However, all children in the country are not as privileged as I was. In Nepal 98% of the students have access to primary education but only 10% of them are able to complete school education. There are two types of education system- private and public. Only 15% goes to private schools and 85% children goes to public school. However more than 90% private school students successfully complete their secondary education and only less than 30% students in public school are able to do so. Today majority of marginalized children, children from remote area, who belong to low economy background, female students who go to public school means they will not be as competent as their peer in private schools. It is extremely unfair to those children who cannot dream of a better future because they go to public schools. This social injustice has to change and all children should get access to quality education regardless of where and under what circumstances they are born. Due to my belief that it is only through quality education we can achieve the highest level of systemic change in the country that we all dream of, I joined Teach for Nepal (TFN) back in 2014. I am responsible to recruit high potential and highly enthusiast youths to join our fellowship for two years. It is at TFN where I learnt how bleak the education system in our country is! TFN is trying to improve the quality of education by entering in the public school system by engaging fellows as teacher and preparing alumni to be part of the larger education system of Nepal. Currently 137 fellows are working in 65 public schools of 7 districts of Nepal. To support further in the movement in this festive season, I am contributing my Dashain Dakshina (financial blessings) as well as I request my friend and well wisher to support me in this campaign.

Start Date: October 03, 2019
End Date: October 31, 2019
Funds Required
USD $1,000.00NPR 100,000.00
5.17% Raised
USD $948.35NPR 94,835.00

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