Let's celebrate the festival of blessings and lights with your contribution to education.
Students from ECD class where I did my Fellowship.

I still remember the very first day of my Fellowship Journey, I left my one-week daughter and family at home and joined the learning institute. It was a tough decision for me to make. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s quote- “If you want to change the world, start with yourself”. The spirit in me always wanted to contribute to the nation, I believe change begins from the classroom and I knew the bizarre public education system of the country from my past working experiences. So, without making any delay I left a high paying job and joined the movement. The drive to change the public education system gave me the strength to step ahead and bring remarkable changes in the lives of students in terms of their academic performances, career choices and community engagement. During my Fellowship Journey, I came to encounter a major problem that I felt that I should work on was ending the discrimination between students belonging to Brahmins, Chettris, and Danuwars which is a marginalized group in Nepal. I noticed during my classes that students belonging to the Brahmin and Chettri community did not allow students of Dunuwar community to sit with them and also did not interact or play with them. I knew that this was a deep-rooted problem of Nepali society since ages and to change this I would have to get in touch with the students’ families, village people, and heads. So, I began visiting the people personally to know about them and about their lifestyle and challenges. I began investing more and more time in the community and enlightened them to overcome the caste differences. Simultaneously I pioneered the cause of girl education, especially among the Dunuwar community. I also attended women’s group meetings and made them realize that the change needs to come from them as well. All my hard work paid off and considerable changes took place in the village. As you celebrate this Dashain and Tihar, I request you to consider making an investment in one of the most impactful initiatives in Nepal, which nurtures leaders and changes lives. Donate today. Thank you.

Start Date: October 01, 2019
End Date: July 01, 2020
Funds Required
USD $500.00NPR 50,000.00
20.0% Raised
USD $400.00NPR 40,000.00

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