To raise USD 1000 for Teach For Nepal so that underprivileged children in Nepal can get better access to quality education.
Happiness is doing something worth that creates smile on other face. Lets lend our helping hand to Teach for Nepal so that every kids get better education.

There was a housemaid who used to live in the small town. She just gave a birth to her second child. One day, she realized something different than usual. She saw her neighbor son returned home who just finished his higher education from the capital city - Kathmandu. Within a month, he started working in a nearby government office in the reputed position. From that moment, she realized the importance of education in life because before that, she didn’t know what education is meant for since she dedicated her childhood as a housemaid due to which she never got an opportunity to go to the school in her childhood.

One night, she was worried. She was worried about her two sons, about their future. She believed that living in that small town would not let her sons to have bright future because there was no good school. So, she decided to go to Kathmandu so that she could provide her sons a good education. Well, travelling to city was not an easy task on those days. She had to walked two days to get the transportation that lead to the city. Moreover, she was totally unaware regarding how to start a new life in the city and how to manage all those expenses. But that didn’t stop her.

Fast forward twenty-seven years, here I am, the second child of that housemaid studying Postgraduate degree in Central Queensland University, Sydney. That housemaid is my mother. Two things that I am grateful to my mother is that she has always supported me in my education and in every decision of my life. I am Niraj Thapa Magar and I believe in education - the power of education. I believe education opens the door of opportunities. It helps to explore the purpose of life.

‘’Yearly, around one million children in Nepal do not complete their Year 10 which means their future is not so bright’’. It really resonated me because I believe every Kids deserves education regardless of their background.

Teach for Nepal is one of the social organisation passionately working to help these children get quality education through its outstanding fellows. Ever since, I have been following this organisation and always looking forward to helping some way. Though I am in Australia right now for some reason but what I believe is distance doesn’t matter if you are passionate about helping other. And Finally, I have decided to raise a fund.

This campaign is about supporting the Teach For Nepal and its vision - ONE DAY ALL CHILDREN IN NEPAL WILL ATTAIN AN EXCELLENT EDUCATION. It's about joining hands in hands to help underprivileged children to get access to better education. It's about working together for a cause that matter. It's about caring for our future generation.

Every child has a right to get basic education but now, I believe every child deserves quality education. I believe our small act of kindness can help those children get a better education. It's not just about raising a fund, it's more about caring for other who are in need, standing against a cause and making a difference in someone's life. It's about being human. Happiness for me is about doing something that creates smile on other face and I believe whatever we are doing will bring smile on those children face.

Join hand on this campaign if you believe in education.

''Remember that your helping hand can make a difference to somebody's life. ''

Start Date: November 05, 2018
End Date: June 04, 2019
Funds Required
USD $1,000.00NPR 100,000.00
13.81% Raised
USD $861.89NPR 86,189.00

Campaign Updates

  • I am personally indebted to everyone who supported this campaign by providing their valuable helping hands. This is the small attempt to change the life of those children who are in need through our collaboration. I believe our support can help those children to have better future. I am looking forward from everyone to join hands in this small act of kindness. I believe together we can........

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