I am starting a 12 day trek through highest Himalayas to Everest Base Camp to raise money for Teach For Nepal
With students who walk 3-4 hours a day just to get to school.

Back in 2014, I decided to join TFN and volunteer as a Fellow in a public school in remote areas teaching children for two years. It was not a difficult decision, given the fact that I had received a good education because of support I received from my family.

Good education provided me with many choices; Living in Kathmandu close to my family, working in an organization of my choice, go abroad, or just do anything that pleased me. But I chose to teach in a public school in a remote area of Lalitpur for two years because I believed that I could make a difference in the lives of hundreds of children by providing them with a good education.

The placement school I taught was 60 km (less than 40 Miles) away from Kathmandu but was a day long drive. Since the village was at the top of the mountain, water was scarce. Other daily supplies need had to be carried on the back of a person. Since not many young people live in the village, it is often older children who carry them.

A couple of months after I began teaching, the results of the SLC came out. Not a single student passed. But, I quickly realized that wasn’t a surprise. Students in grade seven or eight didn’t have a basic command of English. I was shocked when a student who was in grade 7 stared at me for a while when I asked him to please stand up and while other students wouldn't utter a single word throughout the class or respond to question. It wasn't just one or two students but most of the student from the school.

While my kids were struggling in studies, they showed remarkable perseverance at the sheer odds placed on them. The students started their day bright and early. They would walk for hours to fetch water and then hike for three to four hours to get to school and back. By the time they reached school, they were often hungry.

At first, to teach English to my students, I introduced English songs to help build their confidence. Slowly, things began to change. Students that were afraid to speak a word of English started singing English songs then they started conducting school assembly in the English language for the first time.

At the end of my Fellowship, hundred percent of my students passed their English subject. I completed my Fellowship with the conviction that with committed teachers, we can change the fate of our students. In 34 schools, Teach For Nepal Fellows are working every single day to make this happen. 

To help support our movement, I am taking a 12 day Everest Base Camp Trek challenge with other Alumni and colleagues at Teach For Nepal. My personal goal is to raise USD$3,000, enough to support a Teach For Nepal Fellow for a year. 

I ask that you make generous donations and support a great teacher to children who deserve so much more in their life. 

Start Date: September 13, 2017
End Date: October 31, 2017
Funds Required
USD $3,000.00NPR 300,000.00
54.87% Raised
USD $1,354.00NPR 135,400.00

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