Instead of presents for my 35th birthday, I am asking 35 friends to contribute 35$/€ to Teach for Nepal as I trek Mt. Everest
Michi training for Mt. Everest Basecamp in Pakistan - get ready, big mountain!

My name is Michaela and I will be 35 years this November 1. And I will be on top of the world that day - literally.

I am lucky to join a trek to Mt. Everest basecamp for my birthday. This trek is organized by Teach for Nepal, one of 49 partners of the global Teach for All Network - and a sister organization to Teach First Deutschland, the German NGO I have been supporting and working for for the past decade.

Teach for Nepal is organizing this trek to Mt. Everest basecamp to raise funds for their program, for ongoing relief after the 2015 earthquake, and to support the communities they live and work in. Please join me in supporting their work.


I AM LOOKING FOR 35 FRIENDS TO DONATE 35 BUCKS (Euros, Dollars, you name it).



Really, this is a no-brainer. If you are looking to support great work, please donate.

If you were thinking about giving me a gift or taking me out for a drink for my birthday, please consider this instead.


100% of your donations go straight to Teach for Nepal. I will cover all the cost for the trek myself.

Thank you so much for your support. Please read more about why I support and the relief work of Teach for Nepal below.





I am humbled to say I have everything in life I could ask for. Growing up in a single-parent family and living on social welfare, my life today seemed out of reach when I was a kid. Being the first to receive more than nine years of schooling, getting a scholarship to go to college, travel the world, and even study at Harvard was beyond my wildest dreams. But it all happened.

And it happened because of particularly remarkable people who saw potential in me, who helped me excel in school and grow as a person. People who expanded my horizon by taking me to the theater, on trips and abroad. People who even took me into their families when mine was difficult. People who were role models and teachers. These people were my Sunday School teacher Mrs. Maass, my English teacher Mrs. Stepf, my dance teacher Loreen, my Youth pastor Kirsten, and my friend Dorothea and her mom. They were the support, guidance, and cheerleaders I needed to make it.

But not every kid has this kind of support. Especially families in low-income areas might not have the resources and experience to support their kids in reaching their full potential - that's why the work of fellows can be so important. That's why I support Teach for Nepal.


The 7.8 Richter scale earthquake that struck Kathmandu and the surrounding region on April 25, 2015 devastated Teach For Nepal's rural placement communities. In some villages, 80-90% of homes and schools were destroyed, and thousands of lives have been lost-among them Teach For Nepal Fellow Sujita Chaudhary, who was just a week into her second year of teaching.

Though its Fellows and staff have all been deeply affected by the earthquake and its aftermath, Teach For Nepal is committed to rebuilding its communities and pursuing its mission to expand educational opportunity for the children of Nepal. In response to the enormous need for relief in region, Teach For Nepal has launched the "Reach For Relief" campaign to provide basic supplies in the short-term and a long-term plan for rebuilding over 100 local communities. Throughout these efforts, the Teach For Nepal team and its Fellows are working with community leaders to establish temporary schools so that students in even the hardest-hit districts can receive support and resume their education.

A contribution of $158 for example provides a family impacted by the earthquake with food and shelter for a month.


READ MORE ABOUT TEACH FOR NEPAL HERE: https://www.teachfornepal.org/tfn/

READ MORE ABOUT THE RELIEF CAMPAIGN HERE: https://teachforall.org/news/teach-nepal-launches-relief-campaign

Start Date: June 11, 2018
End Date: November 01, 2018
Funds Required
USD $1,225.00NPR 122,500.00
92.41% Raised
USD $93.00NPR 9,300.00

Campaign Updates

  • Dear friends, it's been ten days since we started this campaign and ten friends from all over the world have already donated to Teach for Nepal. A heartfelt THANK YOU to Dan, Jess, Annelie, Sandra, Tyler, Ben, Matthias, Jaana, Michael, and Kristina! With that, almost a third of this fundraiser is reached - can I convince you to join me for the next two thirds of the way? Why donate to this extraordinary cause? One example from TFN alumna Mandira: She made the trip to visit her students' community on foot, just like they do every day - and it takes two hours one way to get from home to the school. Education is precious and not easy to come by under these circumstances. Help TFN bring great teachers to remote places! Thank you and off to the next third of this campaign! All best, Michi

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