Reimagining Nepal - Leadership Workshop with Mr. Anil Chitrakar

Jan. 1, 2023

Reimagining Nepal - Leadership Workshop with Mr. Anil Chitrakar 

A set of tools and techniques to identify the causes of the problem and find adequate solutions is regarded as the problem-solving framework. Around 125 energetic youths around Kathmandu Valley came on a cold winter morning to brainstorm possible solutions using this very framework. The theme of the workshop was centralized around quality education. During the event, Teach For Nepal Alumni from various fields came to lead each team where they shared their experiences post Fellowship. 

"Nepal’s problems are simple and so are their solutions. Unfortunately, we like to complicate things so we can seek complicated solutions."  - Anil Chitrakar

Mr. Chitrakar lead the workshop and guided the participants to look for probable solutions to some of the most pressing issues surrounding Nepal's current social sector. 


Highlights of the event:


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