Season of Giving | 1000 for 10000

Oct. 16, 2020

With the COVID crisis, economies are shut, educational institutions have come to a halt and to a point of no return for many young boys and girls. But with their sense of possibilities and sense of urgency, Teach For Nepal Fellows have come out strongly to resume their investment in their students learning remotely with radio programs and workbooks for the first five months of lockdown. 

Additionally, with the government’s latest directives to promote alternative teaching-learning methods for students, TFN Fellows have returned to their communities and started their in-person classes in districts with less or no covid cases.  

Prakriti Joshi from Sindhupalchowk, after returning to her community shared:

“For months, I along with hundred other Fellows worked on finding a medium to connect with our students in every way possible to help them continue their learning. But at the end of the day, nothing seems more fulfilling than connecting with kids and reaching out to them in-person. For that, I am really happy that I finally get to reconnect with my kids in-person after 6 months of distancing.”

Education is mostly at stake for our students in public schools even in normal times, but with this new crisis, public school students have been hit hard mostly due to lack of access to technologies and geographically challenging locations. Students need Fellows’ support more than any other time. Hence, realizing this need for an hour, Fellows continue to support, uplift their student’s capabilities through every possible means – from radio programs to remote teaching to resuming in-person classes for those students in need, Fellows have been actively continuing support to their students. 

In the face of exceptional challenges of the times, our Fellows are providing crucial support to their students and communities. So, step forward, celebrate, and shower your blessings this giving season to support our Fellows work who are determined to pave a path to make future active leaders from within the public schools of rural communities in Nepal. 

'Season of Giving: 1000 for 10,000’  is a TFN initiative looking for 1000 individual champions who can contribute to a collective goal of raising Rs. 15,00,000 between October 16-January 15. This year, supporting our movement, an anonymous foundation will donate the same amount to DOUBLE your supported amount.

DOUBLE YOUR JOY AND HAPPINESS and become one of the 1000 TFN champions supporting 10,000 students live their dream.  


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