Sixty Eight New Fellows Begin Their TFN Journey

May 23, 2019

The sixth annual event of Teach For Nepal (TFN) was celebrated on April 4 (Thursday) at Rastriya Sabha Griha, Pradarshani Marga, Kathmandu, welcoming 68 new cohort members to the two-year Fellowship program and inducting 40 fellows to the TFN alumni movement. At the event, TFN Fellows and student-led entrepreneurial activities and exhibition were displayed by the school students from 12 different public schools in Lalitpur, Sindhupalchowk, and Dhanusha, where the Teach For Nepal Fellows contribute as teachers.

During the two hours long program, TFN alumni shared insights and ideas of how the fellowship journey has helped them inspire, incubate, and accelerate the impact and leadership they learned during the Fellowship and have been able to implement as a social entrepreneur.

TFN 7th Cohort with Minister of Education, Science and Technology Honorable Giriraj Mani Pokherel

Chief guest of the event, Minister of Education, Science and Technology Honorable Giriraj Mani Pokherel requested the Fellows to help the government to be their resource person and spread out the message that the government is trying to promote seven different traditional education in curricula like Ayurveda, and Yoga, which does not fall in the priority in terms of academics. Congratulating the Fellows who have completed their two year’s Fellowship, he also requested the new Fellows to keep spreading out knowledge, skills and information and government will definitely support in every way possible.

He also emphasized on the worrying issue of present-day education pattern seen in Nepali society where the parents are only concerned with their children’s mark sheets and passing their exams and not aware of the level of knowledge and skills their children acquire, which needs to be changed. He added, “The goal of Teach For Nepal and our government is aligned which is to achieve excellence in education, we wish them the best for their tireless efforts.”

Completing his two years Fellowship journey, Kishor Subedi shared an emotional moment when he was in a dilemma of leaving his newly born daughter and going to an unknown village and community to teach the underprivileged kids.  He took this hard decision with a dream that his two and half year old kid will one day be proud of what her father for his contribution in narrowing inequity in education. Another graduating fellow Oshina Bhatta, presenting one act showed how a Skype call was done with an Aeronautics Engineer changed her student’s way of dreaming to become a Pilot.

The event was moderated by Dila K.C. and Nabindra Chaurel, students of Fellows from Dang and Lalitpur. They shared how the level of confidence has certainly elevated after the Fellows started guiding them and how they have been leading different clubs in their school.

Shisir Khanal, CEO, and Co-founder of Teach For Nepal, shared about the journey that started with 28 Fellows a year has now reached up to 68 per year today along with 140 alumni, which was not an easy step to take forward. “Teach For Nepal is now currently helping 12000 students from six different districts of Nepal, and this is only our sixth year,” he added.

The seventh cohort of Teach For Nepal Fellows represents diverse ethnic and educational backgrounds like Science, Engineering, Health, Management, Education, Law, and Social Work. With their remarkable academic, personal and social achievements, the young graduates and professionals have joined the Teach For Nepal Fellowship to work towards ensuring that all Nepali children have access to quality education.

They will be teaching English, Science or Maths full-time for two years in rural public schools of Dang, Dhanusa, Lalitpur, Lamjung, Sindhupalchowk, and Parsa district.

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