Photo Story - Strides towards gender equality

March 8, 2017

– Ashish Shrestha

Still to this date, it is not a good news when a daughter is born. Even though she maybe loved, she is a reminder of debt that is due.

Often women and girls in the family bear the brunt of poverty.

Whether a child is a girl or a boy determines the kind of education they will have, nutrition they will receive, and the choices, freedom and the right to life and liberty.

While the boys are playing, the girls are .......

While parents who can afford to send their sons to private schools, girls are mostly sent to public schools. Thus, it is mostly girls, who bear the brunt of failing public education system.

Social and cultural norms are still not supportive towards women. Neglect, abuse and violence persist. 

Women not only bear the sole responsibilty of running homes, they are also burdened with the additional responsibilty of bringing in the household income.

For majority of girls, their future and their pathways are often predictable. Education is the only way for a better pathway.

Unseen faces, unheard voices. 

Despite the cultural and social norms that limit women's voice and access to public domain, women are often the ones at home who push their daughters and sons to study and do well in school.

A lost generation of women? Generations of women were denied education and knowledge. Some of them advocate for girl's education. Some continue to maintain the traditions of early marriages, dowry, and the belief system that a girl's place is to make home and raise children.

​Quality education to girls ensure equality in all other aspects of their personal and professional lives.

It is possible to create a society with no discrimination, no boundary, no limitation, to girls and boys alike!

It is possible to create an environment where each and every girl can reach their highest potential!

It is possible to create a society where girls can run and nothing will ever stop them!

Why not? When we begin to redefine normalcy, we allow equality.

We envision a society where every girl can exercise her choice and her rights to make decisions that affect her life.

When one woman breaks a norm, it allows all woman to question the social norms that have always binded them.  

One day, when a woman leads, no eyebrows will be raised. It will just seem and feel normal. 

One day, girls will have the power to write her own destiny so that when a girl is born, every parent will be proud and happy.

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